6M – 2D

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– the PDF pattern in your chosen size, in A4 format to be printed at home, letter format to be printed at home, A0 format and plotter format to be printed at the copy shop. The size of the plotter format is indicated in the name of the document. You will need a plotter printer that can print at least 900mm width. Note that for height categories 3 and 4, the plotter pattern comes on 2 pages. Please note that each pattern comes in 4 different heights which are specified in the name of each file. Please choose and print out the one that suits you to ensure great fit of the final garment.

-detailed instructions which include cutting layouts, construction steps accompanied by photos, as well as instructions on how to work with Vikisews patterns (printing, taping, adjusting, sewing terminology).

Suggested Fabric:

To sew the Christian jacket, choose outerwear fabrics with the following properties:
– Lightweight or medium weight, non-stretch or with very little stretch, opaque, wind-proof and water-resistant
– The fiber content can include natural fibers (cotton), artificial (acetate), blends (cotton + polyester + viscose, etc.), and synthetic (polyester, polyester + elastane, terylene/dacron)
– The following fabrics are recommended: outerwear fabrics, such as gabardine, dewspo, taslan, membrane fabrics, taffeta, jordan, etc.
For the lining, we recommend artificial fibers (viscose), blended (viscose + elastane, viscose + polyester) or synthetic (polyester, polyester + elastane). For the insulation, use polyester batting, such as Thinsulate, alpolux, isosoft 100g/m2, etc.
The garment in the photo is made of outerwear fabric. This fabric is medium weight and non-stretch. The fiber content is 100% polyester. The fiber content of lining is a blend of viscose and polyester. The insulation used is sintepon 100 g/m2.


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